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Our fund was set up to fill the gap in funding between Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo, and to take advantage of the large and consistent deal flow coming through our network operating in Peel, Halton, Wellington and throughout all of Ontario and Canada.
Strong Founding Team
Market Timing
Large Addressable Market
Businesses Seen (Preference Network 2020)
Due Diligence performed (Preference Network 2020)
Sectors Covered (Preference Capital 2020)
$B of Early Stage Financing (Canada 2020)
$B of Late Stage Financing (Canada 2020)
$B in Acquisitions (Canada 2020)

Network Services

Getting customer traction, increasing production, and building a profitable model are difficult. Imagine having to do all of them at the same time with no previous experience. We've carefully selected programming from our affiliates and experts who can advise you in the following areas:
Equity, debt and convertible debt financing to fit your need and your current business readiness.
Fractional CFO
Help in corporate finance, bookkeeping, payroll, CRA filing, taxes, ESOP, valuation, fundraising, stakeholder communications.
Fractional COO
Help with employee contracts, operational tech, human resources, reviews and bonus programs, hiring, planning.
CEO Mentoring
Help in keeping you on track, focusing on important corporate actions and important personal development goals.
Sales Process
Help with all aspects of marketing and advertising, target customer surveys, lead generation, pricing, offering, deal structure and contracts, service level agreements, engineering fees, subscription models.
Intellectual Property strategies, outsourcing of non-essential work, mentoring, process setup, agile product management.

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Andrew Opala
Andrew Opala

Managing Partner & Founder

Investor and Operator in several successful rapid growth stories leading to acquihires, acquisitions and IPOs in Canada:

Addictive Mobility, Instaradio, TenFour, Voxavox, iseemedia, MGI

Ivey MBA

Samie Husain
Samie Husain

Managing Partner

Investor, Mentor and Business Advisor specializing in Stakeholder Relations, Venture Capital, Private Equity.

HSBC, Scotiabank.

Schulich MBA

Stephen Ng
Stephen Ng

Venture Partner

Investor and Operator specializing in M&A, Investment Banking, Private Equity.

Starseed Medicinal, Rogers, CIBC Capital Markets, Richardson Capital, Lehman Brothers, Credit Suisse.

Ivey MBA

Mississauga Ontario